Join the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Colorism Studies

The Editorial Team of the Journal of Colorism Studies invites applications for Editorial Review Board members. Working with members of the Editorial Advisory Board, members of the Editorial Review Board will review journal submissions and ensure that the journal responds timely to submissions.

The Editorial Review Board will consist of members willing to commit to reviewing articles two times each year. Successful candidates will become members of the board beginning in 2015 for three years.  Editorial Review Board members are responsible for reviewing submissions for accuracy, clarity, and research rigor; identifying the strengths and weaknesses of submissions; providing detailed comments on reviewed submissions, and providing recommendations for accepting or rejecting manuscripts for publication.  Note: Members will perform functions virtually.

We are also interested in applications from Guest Reviewers to review submissions for our special issue Celebrating, Embracing and Empowering Girls and Women of Color, scheduled for publication in 2015.

Being a member of the Editorial Review Board means being professionally associated with the Journal of Colorism Studies. The names of members will be included in each issue, listed on the journal’s web page, and included on the website of the Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc.

Composition of the Editorial Review Board will include a wide variety of members representing the community, including organizational leaders, change agents, and educators from all sectors including scholars consisting of early career through senior academics. Members should possess a master’s and/or doctorate in topics published by the journal and have equivalent experience in a relevant subject.  We invite and encourage graduate students to submit applications.

Continued Success!

Dr. Donnamaria Culbreth


Dr. Julie Jung-Kim


Recommended Reading for the Week: “Racism” by Dr. Selena T. Rodgers

The Intraracial Colorism Project, Inc.’s  recommend reading for the week is an article titled  Racism written by Dr. Selena T. Rodgers, LCSW-R,  an assistant professor of Social Work at the City University of New York, York College and a Fulbright Specialist designation from the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Brief Abstract

“The article gives a historical sketch of racism, followed by examples of its contemporary indicators—throughout social institutions—in the United States.” (Rodgers, 2015).

In light of the plethora of social ills involving racism as a constant, the article is timely, enlightening, and much-needed.  According to Dr. Rodgers (2015), “racism is pervasive, endemic, and historically rooted in systematic assumptions inherent in superiority based on race and requires the critical attention of all social workers.”

To read the article, please visit the Encyclopedia of Social Work .


Rodgers, S. T. (2015). Racism. In the Encyclopedia of Social Work. National Association of Social Workers Press and Oxford University Press.

Black Americans, Police Brutality, and Race in the Millennium: An Interview with Bobby Seale

Complexity Talk Radio, Inc.

Join Dr. Culbreth and Mr. Bobby Seale ( original 1966 Founding Chairman & National Organizer of the Black Panther Party) for a thought-provoking interview and discussion on Black Americans, Police Brutality and Race in the Millennium.  A show you do not want to miss. We will discuss the plethora of issues plaguing  Black Americans in the millennium, killings of Black people and other people of color, and moving forward in unity.

 Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 8:00 pm EST on

Complexity Talk Radio – Complexity Live

Listener Line:  914-338-1308

Call in to ask questions, comment or share.


Link to the show:

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Living Your Dash in Style: Your Legacy of a Significant Life

Complexity Talk Radio, Inc.

Join Dr. Culbreth for Living Your Dash in Style: Your Legacy of a Significant Life.

Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 8:00 pm EST on

Complexity Talk Radio – Complexity Live

Listen live!

Listener Line:  914-338-1308.  Call in to ask questions, comment or share

The topics will focus on living life to its fullest, pursing your dreams, rediscovering, reinventing and redefining you as you travel on your journey to the what next stage in life.  Food for thought: Are you living a fulfilling life – one that will note your dash as extraordinary and significant?  Are you happy? Do you know where you are going to?


  • What Really Matters
  • Living Your Dash in Style
  • Rediscover, Reinvent and Redefine You
  • Embracing the What Next Stage
  • Celebrate, Embrace and Empower You
  • Home
  • Live Your Dream
  • Do You Know?
  • One Day at a Time
  • Leave a Legacy of a Significant Life
  • Ready, Set, Go

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