Set Yourself Up To Win!

Complexity Talk Radio, Inc.

Join Dr. Culbreth for innovative strategies and tools that you can use to “Set Yourself Up To Win.”  When one door closes, another one eventually opens.  Why wait for the next door to open?  Join Dr. Culbreth for an enlightening focus on how you can “Set Yourself Up To Win” in style.  The power is within you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

8:00 pm EST

Complexity Talk Radio – Complexity Live

Listener Line:  914-338-1308

Call in to comment, ask questions or share


Topics include:

•           Setting Yourself up to Win

•           When One Door Closes

•           The Old Stagnate Comfort Zone

•           Standards and Expectations

•           Accentuate the Positive

•           Making Room

•           Hurdles and Obstacles

•           Child’s Play

•           Personal Enrichment

•           Build Your Empire

•           Dream in Color

•           Reach the Finish Line in Style

•           Ready, Set, Go

Link to the show:

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